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What Is The Master Level List?
The Master Level List is a community. But more specifically, it's a community of people who play the MegaMan Powered Up PSP game and have created their own custom-stages with the level-editor installed in the game. This is the site to go where you can post stages you've created or view stages that others have created and enjoy! There's also a ton of information here at your disposal and a forum for discussion among other MegaMan Powered Up fans. Register and get on the list!
How Do I Register?
Register by going to the registration page on the forum. Don't worry - you don't need to create two seperate accounts for the forum and the main site as both are tied into one account. Just create one and you're good-to-go for both! Just follow the on-screen instructions, provide a valid email, and you're good to go!
How Do I Submit a Stage?
If you don't already have an account, register (see above) and then click on one of the Submit Stage links on the main site. One can be found under your Profile once you've logged in, and the other is on the Stages page. After clicking the link, just follow the on-screen instructions and you'll be adding stages in no-time!
How Do I Edit a Stage?
Once you've logged in, go to your Profile (link at the top) and then click the My Stages option. Select the stage you'd like to edit from the dropdown and follow the on-screen instructions!
What Are Favorites?
As you can tell, there are tons of stages on the Master Level List and while the Search page totally helps, sometimes you wanna keep track of certain stages for later without having to search them out. By clicking Add Stage to Favorites at the bottom of any page, that stage will automatically be added to your My Favorites category on the Stages page. Just go to your Profile if you wanna remove a Favorite Stage and go to the Favorites option.
Hall of Fame?
Back when the site was hot and MegaMan Powered Up was still new, there were tons of stages being added every day and we needed a way to let good stages outshine all the rest. We created a Hall of Fame option where forum members could vote on which stage should get the award for Hall of Fame and we gave out ten every month. After the site slowed down we had to stop (also do to being extremely busy in life) but if the site ever picks up again, with this new system it will be super-easy to start giving 'em out again!

User Accounts & Passwords
What's a Username?
Usernames are a unique identifier for you, your account, and all the content you add to the site. Your username is also the name that shows up when ever you post anything on our forums. Usernames are essential if you want to contribite to the site in any way.
Do I Have To Register?
Yes. Registering is essential in order for you (and us) to keep track of all your stages and actions around the site. Without registering an account it would be very hard to allow you to add stages to the site and even more so to allow for you to make changes to your existing stages. Furthermore, having a user account grants so much more access to the site's functionality. You can review stages, post your own, keep track of your favorites, and be eligible for awards and possibly prizes!
How Do I Register?
Registration for both the site and the forum is done in one easy step. Just head over to the registration page one the forums (here) and fill in all the necessary details it asks for. An email will be sent to the address you provide (this helps us keep down spam-bots) and when you click the activation link you now have both a forum account for discussion stages and pretty much anything else, but you also have access to all of the site's awesome features! Once you're done the initial registration, you can then edit your profile as you wish, chose a custom avatar and more! That, however, is totally up to you.
My Username is Already in the Memberlist!
Do to the way the site was ran previously, there were no such things as user accounts, just stages with random names attached to them. Because of this, during the upgrade we had to manually take every stage ever posted, try to collect all the stages posted by the same username (or variations of the same username) and then create accounts for them (and attach all the stages to those accounts). This was a very, very long process. However, now it's done and it worked great. Anyone who had previously posted a stage now has a username (just look in the memberlist to find yours if you think you should have one). The passwords for these accounts is a different matter, however. Read the next question for answers.
I Don't Know My Password!!!
Relax. Whether your just forgot it or you never knew you had one all is good. If you registered normally and you just forgot it, you should be able to get a reminder the old-fashioned way via the forum's (forgot password) feature and it will send a password reset to the email you specified when you registered. For those of you who had your account automatically created for you, however, this is another story.

In the old version of the Master Level List users had the option to specify a password when they uploaded a stage. This password would be used so that if the user ever needed to edit the stage they could just enter the corresponding password and all would be good to go. The problem with that was the fact that it was optional. That and the fact that people tended to use a different password every time. Now, for those of you who always entered a password don't worry - that password should be preserved and you should be able to log in with it fine as it will be whatever password you used most frequently when uploading stages in the past. If you used many different passwords, or no passwords at all, however, you probably have no idea what it is. This would easily solved if you could just use the forgot password form, but that sends to an email address...something that wasn't specified in the old version of the Master Level List so we would have no idea what that was... So, as a solution right now all account with unknown passwords are randomly generated passwords that not even we know. We can help you out there. Read the next question.
I Need a New Password!
If you registered manually, use the easy (forgot password) feature on the forums, but if your password was automatically generated by us, you'll have to send US an email requesting your new password. Send any password requests to and he will reply as soon as he possibly can. Make sure you include the username that the password is for, the email you want associated with the account, and proof that the username in question is yours. Whether it's a link to one of your profiles on another site with the same username or some other kind of proof we need something to make sure bad users aren't posing as others for dirty tricks. Obviously each case will be looked at individually and special cases may be made, but that's a general rule of thumb. Remember to email with the username, proof, and email. He'll get back to you as soon as he can (normally within a day).
I Have Another User Account & Passwords Question!
Send Ageman an email at - he'll answer your question as soon as possible and if he feels it's question worth adding to this list, he certainly will.

Any Forum Question
For any and all forum-related inquiries please see the forum-FAQ here.

Contact Us
For generally any form of contact with us, the best way to go would be the Suggestions and Feedback forum topic, PMing either Ageman20XX, Ender, or any of the mods on the forum, or if you don't have access to the forum - through email. You can reach Ageman20XX at and Ender at Feel free to contact us about most-anything related to the site. We're your go-to guys when it comes to help or general inquiries. Hey, if you have an idea for a feature we should add hit us up with that too!


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